by Marusya

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    Includes unlimited streaming of wasi'chu via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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This album was recorded under the name wasi'chu. We have since changed our name.

"We have changed our name (from wasi'chu) to Marusya. There is something not really okay about 5 non-indigenous men redefining/recontextualizing a Lakota word for our own purposes. At the end of the day words have power, and by taking wasi'chu we were in some way complicit in taking power away from indigenous peoples, which is the last thing we want to be involved in. This was obviously not our intent, but it is the reality of the situation. Huge thanks to anyone who has talked to us about this over the past year or so."


released June 7, 2015

recording, mixing, and mastering by Josh Kaiser at Kaiser Sound Productions (August 2014-June 2015)




Marusya Windsor, Ontario

anarchist hardcore/crust/doom

"... left-wing extremists"
- liberals

"...a bunch of PC fascists."
- assholes

- asshole apologists (liberals)
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Track Name: embers
“Wasi'chu is a Lakota word that means non-Indian. But another version of this word means 'the one who takes the best meat for himself.' The one who takes the best part of the meat. It means greedy.”

“In other words, I think what is important to the capitalist system is money. It's assets, it's investments, it's property. That, I believe, is at this point – until people turn it around – determining the direction of our societies. It's the economic system of capitalism – multinational corporate capitalism - which reduces all our relationships to economic. And so, I think to be effective – even on a more militant level – I think it's the economic system of capitalism that should be targeted, as opposed to people.”

bloodshot eyes.
swollen tongues.
distraction and desperation.
blackened skies.
burning lungs.
these walls come crashing down.

severed fucking purpose.
shackled to escape.
it's time to draw a line in the sand.
dig in, and refuse to fade away.

hurl verse and bottle
from the barricades.
never give them an inch.
there's no resolutions,
only revolution.
liberation from this endless sleep.

destroyers of this world.
let us become death.
transcend survival.
set ablaze the old gods.
their embers keep us warm.
from the ashes
this new world is ours.
Track Name: 1789
l'ancien regime!
the sum of your fears are nigh.
l'ancien regime!
the state crumbles under our will.

spill the blood of tyrants
for the chance to rebuild.
remnants of oppression;
reduced to dust.
once more the clouds gather;
a new rule in imposed.
once more we must mobilize.
democracy has fucking failed us.

we will not stand for fear mongering state thugs
that spill the blood of our innocent kin.
we will not hesitate or give into intimidation.
we will liberate ourselves.

you're outnumbered.
meet our demands
or find resolve in a pile of rubble.

another state must fall!
another state must fall!
another state must fall!

“A: I believe in terror. For me, whole revolutions are made of terror. A bombless revolutionary isn't a revolutionary. For the moment, we're only a few. Tomorrow, we'll be many. Tomorrow, I may no longer exist. I am happy, I am proud of that.

B: Terrorism is not an act of liberation, but a means to impose a programme.

A: Give me a bomb... Give me a bomb.”
Track Name: reclaim
what came first
defeat or lack of fucking passion?
are we content
to let them tell us how to live?
each act of sabotage,
an act of liberation.
every window smashed,
a cause for jubilation.

let's burn these fucking cities to the ground.
reclaim, and rebuild our lives.
these monuments represent everything that we've come to hate.
let's watch the fear in their eyes as we prepare the guillotine.

what came first
human nature or the 'divine' construction of it?
it's obscene to sacrifice our futures
for the benefit of none
but capital and the state.
so let's dance on the graves of our enemies.

rally under the banner of wrath.
Track Name: exodium
“I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself - we are creatures that should not exist by natural law... We are things that labour under the illusion of having a self, that accretion of sensory experience and feelings, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody’s nobody.”

the void is
you are lost.
your triumphs are an illusion
cast by your own arrogance.

this tragedy of existence
is not the lack of meaning,
but your delusion of a false superiority
when you're nothing more than a mistake.

you are nothing.

“I think the honourable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction - one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”
Track Name: liberté - égalité - fraternité
“In 1891 police fired on demonstrators on the Boulevard Clichy in Paris. Three were hauled to the police station and they were beaten up, put on trial, and two (were) condemned to long prison sentences. Ravachol's two deeds followed. He bombed the houses of two of the magistrates. On the way home he stopped at a restaurant on the Boulevard Magenta. A waiter remembered a scar he had on his left hand. Three days later he went back to the same place to eat, because he had eaten well. It took ten policemen to subdue him.”

children of the same fatherland
cant you hear the voice
that cries out for democracy?
to arms against the bourgeoisie.

let's fight for independence
and for sacred liberty.
through the efforts of our might
transform society.

why on this earth do we betray ourselves?

our masters cause disunion.
chase away authoritarian chiefs.

“you see this hand? It has killed as many bourgeois as it has fingers.”

reduce the bourgeoisie to dust.
reduce the bourgeoisie to dust.
then, instead of war we'll have brotherhood.
Track Name: static
“This is a demonstration against terrorism – American terrorism. The Americans arrest and kill women and children. They insult the elderly and kill young men. America is terrorism. Terrorism is America.”

our eyes glued to the screen.
we're told this is the price we pay
for freedom.
who's to blame?
peace of mind
at the cost of reality.
allusions to evil
aren't what they used to be.

truth lost in
the white noise.
this silence
is deafening.

“The immediate problem is to free ourselves from the shackles imposed very consciously by the kind of people you're talking about; who don't want the fact to be known, and for very good reasons, because if people know the facts they're not going to tolerate them. So therefore you have to prevent them from knowing. You have to indoctrinate them. You have to tell them stories about how we're really 'good guys' and if we use violence it must be for the general good because we represent the course of history. Yeah, that's the job of propagandists for power and violence. And it's the task of populations to free themselves from those kinds of controls and domination.”
Track Name: moths
bearing witness
to our own demise.
your hope, it's for the defeated.
conviction is nothing;
nothing without action.
your hope, it's for the pacified.

when will
we replace the pen with the sword?
enough is enough.
this culture of apathy;
like moths to a flame.
enough is enough.

“When 40% of the arctic sea ice melts all they talk about is exploiting the last vestiges of oil, mineral, gas, and fish stocks. It is collective suicide. As Ahab says in the book, 'my methods and my means are sane, my object is mad.' And we have very, very little time left. And so the tactics we employ have to be smart because the forces arrayed against us are working overtime to crush us.”

discard your fears.
suspend your comforts.
become the change.
undo what's been done.
forget your hopes.
suppress your dreams.
time has run out.
act now think later.

too far?
not far enough.
until the market is in ruins.
too far?
not far enough.
until these empires collapse.

there is no future.
awake from these illusions.

“Well whatever we do, change is coming. It's coming with the implosion of our imperium, and it's coming with the rapid degradation of the eco-system itself, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. how will we cope with this change? Will we respond rationally? Will we learn to speak to the world with a new humility and recreate structures within our own communities for sustainability? Or will we continue to live an illusion? And the response to the climate crisis is the perfect example. We have half the country that denies that climate change exists, and the other half arguing that we can adapt. Both are forms of magical thinking. The fact is we can no longer afford, not only the levels of consumption, but the empire itself.”